SuperSearch/SuperLeech not downloading new articles

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SuperSearch/SuperLeech not downloading new articles

Post by noblemd »

Attempted to d/l new article (search for "hevc" and pick one).

Got a few files 49.8MB with file name (varies depending on what is picked):


When turning on my computer this morning, SuperLeech stalled and would not download any of the items.

Tested - old articles downloaded ok.

Downloading same articles that failed in SS & SL from the newsgroup (Articles Tab) works ok.
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Re: SuperSearch/SuperLeech not downloading new articles

Post by foomanchu2 »

Same issue here. Can't download anything from SuperSearch.

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Re: SuperSearch/SuperLeech not downloading new articles

Post by pka4916 »

Same thing.
Complained yesterday in another thread..
Whole SS is fu.cked up after it was down again for hours.
and no response as usual.

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