Better wildcard searhing/filtering?

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Better wildcard searhing/filtering?

Post by capGrundy »

I'm trying to make a Super Search/Leecher filer to find comics. It used to be new comics looked like:

0-Day 2017.1.4 - " Saga 041 (2016) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbr"

Now they look like this:

2017.1.4 - " Saga 041 (2016) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbr"

To keep SuperLeecher from getting mega-posts of a title, I need a filter, and the leading date is now the only thing to filter on.

I tried adding "*.*.*"....

Saga .cbr or .cbz or 0-day or *.*.* Group:comics.dcp MinMB:10

...but it doesn't work, and when you edit the filter, it loses the wildcards anyway

Saga . .cbr or .cbz or 0-day or . Group:comics.dcp MinMB:10

Is there a kind of wildcarding where I could say "xxxx.xx.xx"?

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