changing newsgroups while downloading

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changing newsgroups while downloading

Post by quinn »

I have 5 servers, and 3 or 4 threads per server.

One of them is usenetserver - it is EXTREMELY slow to "Entering newsgroup".

If I'm happily downloading a bunch of stuff, and change which group I'm looking at, 1 of the usenetservers tries to enter the new newsgroup - it doesn't happen right away, so for whatever reason, the next thread does it. All 4 threads end up trying to enter the new newsgroup, and then when one of them finally works, the other three go back to the old newsgroup.

This is a huge (OK, maybe not huge, but certainly annoying) waste of time - you only need 1 thread to go get the headers in the new newsgroup (well, at least it looks like you never use multiple threads to download headers - I know it can be done, I actually prefer it not to).

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