Certain file types are not automatically combined.

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Certain file types are not automatically combined.

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Through my downloading of various files from my two news group servers I've noticed that NL fails to automatically combine certian types of binary files. The most noticeable file (lately) are *.wmv files. The only times I've seen this happen are when the poster does not split the file prior to posting it.

Steps for reproduction:

1) Subscribe to a binary group (the one I have problems with is alt.binaries.nospam.erotica).
2) Fetch the headers from the group.
3) Look through the list of files for the common video file formats (avi, mgp, wmv, etc.).
4) Notice when poster posts the video file without splitting it first that AVI's and MPG's show up fine (e.g. blah.mpg | 45 of 45 files)
5) Notice when the poster posts an unsplit/archieved WMV file each part in the post shows up as an individual file (e.g. blah.wmv [1/44] | 1 of 1 -- blah.wmv [2/44] | 1 of 1 -- etc.)
6) Notice that if you downlaod the WMV file (all parts) the resulting file on your hard drive is only the size of the last part that was in the download queue.

Expected result: WMV files should be treated the same as any other binary file type that gets posted to news groups.

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