Bug upon launch crashed newsleecher, both final 4 and beta!

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Bug upon launch crashed newsleecher, both final 4 and beta!

Post by plvick »

BUG ID: 40000
DATLN1: k2n2n
DATLN2: Access violation at address 008CE09E in module
'newsLeecher.exe'. Read of address 00000000

I have tried both the beta and the final versions of newsleecher and I have uninstalled and used CCleaner and tried again.

Upon launch I get this crash, even if I hit F12 and try not to load anything.

UPDATE: I fixed this by deleting the AppData stuff. Cool!

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Post by jasper1245 »

I am new to this but where did you remove the appdata from. I can not find it in the newsleecher files.

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Post by scuba »

Here you go:
%APPDATA%\NewsLeecher directory

2000/XP C:\Documents and Settings\[current user]\Application

Vista/Win7 C:\Users\[current user]\Application Data\NewsLeecher or
C:\Users\[current user]\Application Data\Roaming\NewsLeecher

Note: The Application Data directory is hidden by default. To get to
this hidden directory, from the Start menu, select Run then in the
Open box, type %APPDATA% and press OK. This will open an explorer
window into the Application Data directory. From here you should be
able to locate the NewsLeecher directory as detailed above.

Note: Later versions of Newsleecher can continue using the data files
in Program Files directory if they already exist. If you are having
errors or believe you have a corrupted configuration file, be sure to
check/remove files from both locations.

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