Hanging, Beeping

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Hanging, Beeping

Post by Fluclo »

Lately I'm finding Newsleecher unbearable - it seems to frequently hang the computer, if I try to close Newsleecher, I get the startup box always on the screen (can't get rid of it), and a constant beeping (like a deep morse code). I reboot the computer, as soon as it tries to load Newsleecher, back comes the beeping, back comes the hanging and freezing. If I don't run Newsleecher, the system is perfect in every way, which is leaning towards Newsleecher being the cause of the problem. v5.0.15 Beta is the version I'm currently running (each time I've installed a new version, it's got worse, I dread to try v5.0.16).

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Post by scuba »

Fluclo - are you using xp, win7..or ?
If you contact us using the form on http://www.newsleecher.com/support/
we will provide some suggestions to get Newsleecher to behave on your computer ! :P

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