There seems to be a bug when updating headers

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There seems to be a bug when updating headers

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Not sure on this but i think i'm having a bug when updating headers.

For the 1st time since using newsgroups, i'm using more then one server and i'm using both for updates as one carries some of the groups i'm subscribed while the other carries the other groups i'm subscribed to.

In a group only available to one of the servers, i get this:

Unless i stop the bot, it will keep doing that. When closing newsleecher, it doesn't do it unless i "help" with task manager ...

Not sure if related but i had 2 configured servers for headers and 2 for downloads but newsleecher somehow removed the download servers 2 times already so now i only use 2 servers for both uploads and downloads.

Maybe i configured it wrong or something: dunno :(


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