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download/extract manager piece is really broken

Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2014 6:34 pm
by elgwahpo
running 6.5 beta 6; windows 7 64bit

The extraction manager ...
Sorry very fed up with all the extra work it is forcing me to do since it is so unreliable.

For example just tried downloading a set of files, split in to parts, but with included PAR files.
The manager correctly rejoined less than half the files.
For those that failed if really fucked up.
I create a sub-directory, and copied the parts to that sub-dir rather than the completed piece.
THEN if deleted the PAR files
AND it reported that everything was extracted successfully.
So I'm stuck with having to go BACK through 20+ entries in a search again, expanding each and selecting at least 1 PAR for each.

In another case, didn't bother trying to fix a set or RAR files.
It downloaded the first PAR and all the RARs and then stopped.
Then when I manually run quickpar to check things and manually told NL to download 1 extra PAR which is all it needed, the extraction logic started up but decided it needed to download all of the PAR files in addition to the one.
Plus the extraction manager kept reporting it was fixing something, would report success then repeat.

These are just 2 examples.
I don't think I've ever seen the this extraction tool really work right. In any given set of files it seems to get at best 90 or 95% right and quite often it messes up at the 50% or less level.

Re: download/extract manager piece is really broken

Posted: Sat Sep 13, 2014 5:56 pm
by elgwahpo
alright I've manually cleaned up all the files I posted about.
Of the ones that the manager failed on, about 2/3 of them failed actually because it seems many of the "newbs" posting to usenet these days are clueless as to how provide par2 files and split a file up for posting :(

That still means the success rate of the process as a whole is not very good.
It's about at the level where it's hard to tell if it is more work to manually repair and reassemble files
or to let the SW do it and then clean up all the left overs.
Right now it's taking a similar amount of time either way