Speed stuttering

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Speed stuttering

Post by tike39 »


since today my speed is "stuttering" , don't know how best to describe it.
The bar suddenly stop short and begin again. This happens every second.

I have opened 20 connections with astraweb but with Hitnews the same issue.

Router is Linksys wrt610n, it worked great until today.

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Post by Smudge »

This could be caused many things. your router overloading (have you rebooted it) or your ISP is traffic shaping your connection.

Enable the SSL option in the server configuration screen and change the port to 563 instead of the default 443. This MIGHT get past your ISP's traffic shaping.

Also try lowering the number of connections to the server. It is best to only use the number of connections that will max your download bandwidth. Personally I use 3 connections of the 20 allowed and can get my full 12Mbit download speeds. having too many connections can slow the download speeds.
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me to

Post by toepoel »

i have that problem to

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Post by tike39 »

the number of connections at Hitnews is only 8 and it stays the same.

Also it worked for years now with 20 connections why shouldn't it work now?

I tried rebooting the router and will try unplugging it for some time too.

Normally my speed (depending on the posts) goes to 30 Mbps and now it will speed up to 20 and stays at about 17 (because of the permanent interruptions).

My laptop shows the same behaviour.

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Post by Sasquatch »

If you connect to the internet using a wireless card, try it with a cable instead. If that stays as it used to, then it's a wireless issue. Sometimes the driver of your system, or the wifi of the router is messed up and can do things like that. To know for sure, send a continuous ping to your router while downloading. If the reply time varies greatly, it's a wifi issue.
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