Unable to Connect ---> Please Help

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Unable to Connect ---> Please Help

Post by Artic »

I am unable to Logon this morning for some reason? Here is the message I get:

Error Occurred! Unable to Logon.Server Response: Unable To Connect (Error 10060 - Connection Timed Out")

Can someone please help me? Many Thanks and God Bless.

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Post by Smudge »

That error means NewsLeecher was unable to make any network connections to the server.

First, verify the server address (not nickname) in the server configuration screen is correct. If you have a typo or the wrong address, NewsLeecher will not be able to connect. It is possible the server configuration is corrupted. Try deleting the server entry and create it again.

If that doesn't work, it is probably an external problem or other software blocking the connection like antivirus or firewall. Try disabling them and run Newsleecher again.

Verify with your news provider that they are not having server/connectivity problems.

Try connecting with a different Usenet client, Outlook Express for example. This would narrow the problem down to just NewsLeecher or any Usenet traffic to the server.

Sometimes you have to re-authorize the newsleecher.exe application in your firewall after upgrading or else the firewall thinks it has been changed by a virus so it blocks all traffic.

Some people have had success by resetting the winsock catalog. To do this, open a DOS command prompt window and type netsh winsock reset then reboot the computer.
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