NL 4.0 Download queue is show as "pause" and article is downloaded !

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NL 4.0 Download queue is show as "pause" and article is downloaded !

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Hi newsleecher team, btw as i got you in a post i've got perpetual crash of nl 4.0 when too mush using it, its that normal ? with a green bug on my screen, but software continue to run, hopefully !

but i have a problem, i'm over giganews since age, and since yesterday a bunch of download (all my queue in fact) with different origin in usenet is show as "paused"

an eternal pause who is no relative to a leak of disk space or a too much speed internet connection,

i've asked giganews the guys seem agree that this don't came from their side, assuming that i can download some other stuff, that sound strange, the thing in question is a documentary about french spy,

E01_L_HEURE_DES_COMBATS (1940-1960).wmv

in alt.binaries.documentaries.french

so nothing fantastic,

i don't understood, as you have write this sofware can you explain me the other condition who cant make him display such info "pause"

in the other hand newsleecher 4.0 HAVE downloaded the FILES !!!!

ARGGGGGGGGGGGG! nervermind the b.....

i don't understood and i love to have some peace of mind....

thanks for that you can do to help me...


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