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Search problems, Unpacker fails, 2-screen system bug

Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 5:52 pm
by JohnnyR
Using new 8.0 beta versions I cannot search by group or poster any more.

Using the latest beta version as of today if I download files the unpacker is unable to add the files to an existing directory. I simply get an error message "could not create dest. folder" and the downloaded parts remain unextracted. The download directory not only exists but has always been my download directory in the past.

Using the latest beta version as of today the program behaves very weirdly when used on a system with two screens. One screen shows only the Windows background and none of my icons while the other shows an incomplete program window. Sometimes when I enter keystroke in the search field of SuperSearch the program shuts down. Then when I restart it the character I just typed is in the search field and I can continue.

I have backed off the betas and re-installed the latest production version 7.0 32-bit final and everything has gone back to normal.