R&E vs Download Queue

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R&E vs Download Queue

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as i am downlading huge content - like 25 GB or bigger - i wonder if the R&E background functionality makes much sense - my dl is about 12 MByte/s and i am getting tons of wait alerts all the time ... my raid data storage writes with about 100 MB/s so my best guess is that BG R&E is causing that isssue.

so switching off the R&E completely is a good idea but if adding new nzb's the small par file will not be added to the R&E queue - bummer

after adding the pars manually and after the DL is finished switching on R&E is a bit of a pain in the a?? - because the R&E modules seem still to run in background and i guess with lowered priority the verify part alone takes like forever, repairing and extracting as well ....

so either you rethink the logic of the R&E queue - like verify/repair/extract only if the download queue is inactive (manual globaly or individually paused) and run it with normal or even higher priority.

as mentioned somewhere else multi threading the R&E processes would be great as well

cheers ahab

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