RnE requests

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RnE requests

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Ability to sort/move/delete in RnE.
When a set is deleted in RnE it also should be deleted from the queue.
When the order of file sets in RnE is charged the download queue should be adjusted accordingly.

More columns like:
- KB remaining
Smart handling or corrupted incomplete file sets:
Sometimes it's very obvious a download can't be unpacked very early in the downloading process.
Example: RnE 'knows' there are 100 repair blocks but has detected that the set is missing 101+ blocks due to corruption or missing files.

In such cases RnE should move the file set down the queue. (unpaused)
NL should regularly check if the set is complete.

Obviously the above method is useful for unrepairable file sets (if additional PARs or replacement RARs are posted)

It's also useful for file sets that are still being uploaded.
If a set contains 100 files but atm there are only 4 files available RnE will notice there aren't enough blocks and moves the set down the queue.

If the set is complete RnE should move it back up the queue.

Personally I would like the incomplete sets to be downloaded anyway when the queue has no more complete sets because often I can repair things by downloading a NZB via a free NZB service. (You really need to look into the corrupted SS results Spiril)
But even then NL first should download the none complete files because sometimes the 'corrupted' files are just being uploaded atm.

That's my LeechMass list :P

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