Different server for each download in the queue

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Different server select option for each download(s) in the queue, do you want that?

Yes, I would like that, great you thought about it!
No, why? I only have one server created in the manager!
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Different server for each download in the queue

Post by robo71 »


Most of my downloads succeed just fine through my ordinary usenet provider, but some do not work for one reason or another.
For this purpose I have a block (100GB account) at a more expensive usenet provider.

I would like to be able to go into my queue, richtclick a download and select what server (created in the manager tab) will be downloading that particle article in the queue.

Or, as an even more sophisticated option, if server 1 fails to download the article, then try server 2, etc..

This would be a great way to make sure my 100GB block is not unnecessarily used for stuff that would work on my 'ordinary' server.

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Re: Different server for each download in the queue

Post by Quaraxkad »

Your suggestion for a more sophisticated option is already a part of NewsLeecher and has been for quite some time. Look more carefully at the settings where you have added your individual servers.

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