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Multi-"tab" SuperSearch with too many results

Posted: Wed May 06, 2015 5:16 am
by Quaraxkad
When you use SuperSearch and there are too many matches for your query, you get a partial return of results and you are shown a can't-miss modal dialog box that informs you of this. However if you start multiple searches at the same time (for example by clicking on bookmarks), you will never get notified if any of the searches you are not actively looking at are too broad/generic and therefor only returned partial results. Each SS bookmark "tab" should have some sort of indication of whether or not the most recent search result was complete or not. Maybe just as simple as turning the bookmark icon red so you know there was an error.

Also, I've mentioned this before but it got buried... You should be able to manually toggle the read/unread status of articles in SS results. And also preferably allow an option to NOT automatically mark all existing articles as read when running the search again. This is very frequently an issue because it's so easy to click on a bookmark that's already highlighted and NL jumps right ahead and runs the search again without flinching. Now all the previous results are marked as old whether you've seen them or not. It can be difficult to figure out what you have and have no seen.