Possible problem, B4

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Possible problem, B4

Post by BlizzardUK »

I am using beta4 and I have downloaded 2 archives tonight and when using R+E I found it deleted half the archive, but left half of it, and dumped the rest in the recycle bin. This happened on both archives which are totally different. One was a RAR archive and the other was a Zip one.

I searched through the log, and it downloaded all 359.zip files, then it says [Recyclebin] - Deleted File Set Files to Recyclebin. The other strange thing I have it set to "permantly delete" rather then use recycle bin, although in this case I am pleased it did save the archives.

It is not a major problem, but I thought I best bring this to your attention. Perhaps the 2 archives are at fault in some way, and not Newsleecher, I really don't know.

Thanks for the continued Betas, great to see it is being worked on and improved all the time.

EDIT : I just found out the .zip one seems to have some kind of error, I unzipped the 359 files manually and it then had loads of RAR files (not sure why they zipped then rar'd them too) and then when I tried to unrar the files I got an error. Perhaps this caused confusion in Newsleecher ? The other download though did extract fine manually, so it is kind of a case of 1 problem now rather then 2 that I originally thought. Oh and I used the "edit" function as I felt changing what I had already written may confuse anyone who was going to reply to this.

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Post by Sasquatch »

Yeah, some suckers both zip and rar the files. Don't know why. However, RnE only extracts the set files, not if there is an archive within it. Spiril also mentioned somewhere that he moved the files to recycle bin on purpose, just to be safe no data got accidently removed that the user wanted to keep, even though permanantly remove was selected. As for one half in the trash and the other half on the original location, perhaps your bin is full and won't allow any more files. There is a limit on the size of the recycle bin.
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Post by techfuzz »

Sasquatch is correct. In the first beta that included R'n'E, the permanently delete would do just that, but R'n'E had some bugs that would delete some things that it shouldn't. Betas since then don't permanently delete items, just move them to the recycle bin. I imagine the permanently delete option will be re-enabled when v3.9 final is released.


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