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NewsLeecher V4.0 Beta 4

Post by Spiril »

If you got any questions / comments regarding NewsLeecher V4.0 Beta 4, please post them here.

Current known issues are

• The application is flagged as containing a trojan/virus. This is a false positive and not a real infection. If possible, add newsleecher.exe to the exception list of your antivirus program
• "When empty shutdown computer" not working
• Application security password system not available
• Grouping and Preview panes get stuck on if NewsLeecher is shutdown with them enabled
• Hiding the adult category doesn't stay hidden after restart
• Wrong size shown in certain collection header groupings
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bug fixed. no idea how. hate it when that happens. trying to break it again now. will. not. be. defeated.

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Post by pouet »

Avira antivir premium found TR/Crypt.TPM.Gen trojan during the install ...

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Post by rws »

It's a false positive. Nod32 triggers with every new release. Their AV definitions get updated once the file gets reported and it'll no longer alert you.

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Post by BlkPnthr »

Still getting "Application Bug" no matter what I do. Pop's up as soon as I start the program. I wonder if a complete un-install and re-install would fix this problem?

Any thought or comments?
** What do you mean, "I download too much"?? Didn't think that was possible!**

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Post by BlkPnthr »

Since my last post...I've done a complete un-install (deleted all program and user settings), did a fresh install and the only bug that I have now is that no matter what I set for Header Updates (i.e. put in a value or set to "no limit"), NL only wants to download 500,00 headers...
** What do you mean, "I download too much"?? Didn't think that was possible!**

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Post by wissertje »

Thanks Spiril. Lot of improvement. I always complain, but when it is good i gonna tell you also. :mrgreen:

For the people that have a virus warning, this is not correct. Using Kaspersky Internet Security and no virus alert. :wink:

Edit: See now that the release date of Beta4 is 29 Jun 2009? :lol:

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Post by grimlock72 »

Groups which were not in catagory have disappeared from my subscribed list :( I'll add them again, no problem but it's a bit sloppy.

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Set password in V4 beta 4

Post by apokalips »

I can''t find the option to set a password to Newsleecher. Whewre did it go? The other security settings have gone to the "nerd" section, but the password option seems to be gone....

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v4.0 beta 4 still won't shutdown when finished downloading

Post by maxynl »


Like the new improvements. Setup is much better. Also nice that it doesn't defaults to making a desktop shortcut. :)
The nerd stuff is a great way to lower the bar for new users. Nice find!

The only thing I manually had to enable was R&E (and drag the par2's I'd already downloaded...).

But, (there always is a but..) I'm still having the shutdown issue.


Newsleecher won't shutdown window after selecting the option "When empty shutdown computer". Newsleecher itself is closed, but windows keeps on running.

Please fix this, I use this every day

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Problems with Preview

Post by kirkus »

Installed Beta 4. Preview still does not work (same problem as Beta 3). Also you cannot hide the preview pane once you selected it...

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Re: Problems with Preview

Post by Smudge »

kirkus wrote:Installed Beta 4. Preview still does not work (same problem as Beta 3). Also you cannot hide the preview pane once you selected it...
What do you mean it does not work? When downloading images, I see them in the previews just fine. I do get an error when I click on one, "Error: Unable to open file. Solution: Either there is no default viewer for this file, or it has been deleted from the disk". Well, this is for a jpg so there is a viewer set and it is on the disk as I can see it in the download folder.

Spiril, remember the bug in the last alpha where the GNP would get stuck on if NewsLeecher was closed with it enabled? That same thing is happening with the preview pane and server grouping buttons. (but the grouping button gives a kljaslkja bug dialog).

kirkus, you will need to delete the setup.dat in order to get the connections window back or wait for the next beta release.
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max speed limit

Post by avnyc11 »

in older versions, you did not have to set a max speed limit and as a result, the graph would always display your max, but now you have to specifiy one. is this a bug, and will it get changed back so you can have an option to not specify a max dl speed or set it to unlimited like you used to be able too.

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category search

Post by avnyc11 »

another bug ive also noticed is when you choose under nerd advanced options to disable the categories and hide the adult category, even when set to true, it removes it, but it comes back again when you restart newsleecher

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Post by Wonko »

Works good, one thing i mentioned, sorting in group view doesn't works with the field "Status".

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Bad bug persists

Post by alexps »

Hi. I posted on the 3 beta about this & am sorry to say it persists into beta 4. Three other people also reported the same bug in the beta 3 forum.

Queueing a downloading an automatically combined file of an .nfo & a .sfv file from Supersearch results in the creation of a 4,294,967,295 Kb file in the transfer queue and a bug report of:

Bug Data1:

Bug Data2:
nlpArtcilesIdxToDisk li.count = 0...

Its not mentioned in the bugfixes either so I presumed no-one read the forum comments or it wasn't reproducible.

To reproduce this, as an example, type in 'Regina Spektor Far' into Supersearch then attempt to download the 1Kb combined file ending in '(nfo, sfv)

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