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Post by SuicycoMF »

Smudge wrote:McAfee has said it will be fixed in the next DAT release.
AVG hasn't replied back yet.

eSET/NOD32 isn't having the problem as of 4233 DAT. What version are you using?
I just tried again... I have signature version 4235 DAT (20090711).

Once it downloads the entire file, it gives a threat warning:

-- SuicycoMF

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Post by Bluestraw »

The issue I reported previously remains - namely that RnE copies files instead of moving them, even when there is no archive extraction and hence moving to a sub-directory would be much faster. The last 'release' version used to work fine in this regard.

Not sure if I am clear in my explanation - if not, please let me know and I'll add more details. Certainly this is frustrating as it wastes time and consumes unnecessary PC resources during the copy.

Despite this, I do fine the new version a bit faster, with less delay on startup an fewer 'random' error messages :)

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Post by jdgdcg »

Where's the select all from poster? I can't find it in the beta 6 and it's the only way to get rid of certain spams

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Post by Crand »

SHIFT + PGDN still scrolls instead of selecting. Is there some way of acknowledging these problems? I sound like a broken record when I post this same thing every time a new version is released.

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Post by tommo123 »

delete from cache doesnt work properly. i have weeks worth saved up from not being able to delete them on V4 upto now.

i select all, 'delete from chache' and they dissapear. re-open and some are there, but not all.

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Post by Smudge »

AVG support has confirmed the false threat and it will be updated in the next DAT release.

I haven't heard back from eSET/NOD32 yet.
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Post by ITMadMan »

It seems that Beta 6 may have a problem recognizing "some" newsgroup articles being text for Reply purposes. You can "Open" the article and it will come up as normal to be read. If you try to "Reply", you will get the Post New Message dialog box not the usual Post Reply dialog box. If you try to download the article, you will get a log entry that the message is all text or an unknown format. Reverting to Beta 5 cleared the issue.

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Post by toaomatis »

Smudge wrote:AVG support has confirmed the false threat and it will be updated in the next DAT release.

I haven't heard back from eSET/NOD32 yet.
Yup, beta 6 works like a charm now AVG is happy again :D

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Post by damianw »

in all seriousness.. it seems that V4 is a step backwards.

its broken more things than has been fixed, and just made 3.9 look like a glorious piece of work.

the broken schedule function as someone already previously mentioned is annoying, the pause when the program first loads is annoying.


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Post by SjaakieP »

The old newsleecher 3.* versions always had the option to move the tempfiles to an other folder. Is this function comming back to newsleecher 4?.
Getting a lot of hdd activities on my windows os drive (with a 100Mbit connection) with the current beta.

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Post by tweakaholic »


1. Please bring back the previous behavior of double-click article to download and make it configurable.

i.e. Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> Article_Doubleclick_Behavior
'Open / View / Execute / Download' it


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neat little trick on me

Post by doppler »

While making a nerdy change. A window popped up declaring my
days to keep cache was changed to "7 days". Was previously at 3
days. Some mumbo-jumbo about better cache control at "7 days".

I guess if something goes wrong with the cache you have "7 days" to
fix it. Wait wasn't that a TV show..........

Never mind.

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Delete Imported File Bug

Post by posthaste »

NewsLeecher 4.0 b6 (32-bit)

I download .NZBs to the desktop, which is also the path for the Auto Input Scanner. Once nzbs appear on the desktop, they are successfully imported and the download starts. However, the option to "Delete Imported File" is checked, but the nzbs remain on the desktop until AFTER I shutdown/restart Windows (Vista Home Premium).

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o.k. I might of found one

Post by doppler »

update news groups list with multiple providers. All providers lists
are downloaded. The sorting message box does not go away.
Even if I leave the select news groups and go elsewhere.

Exit program, re-start, goto news group list. Sorting message
comes and goes as normal. Only hangs around if I update the list.

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Post by Ironside »

WHERE DID IT GO????????????????

Where did the Save Queue and Load Queue get moved to?

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