4.0 Beta 7 Problems

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4.0 Beta 7 Problems

Post by marcelcano »

Ever since I installed Beta 7, my Newsleecher contantly freezes and I get the windows "program not responding" message...this happesn quite often and I keep having to close and restart the application.

Is there a fix to this??

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Post by Species1571 »

I get this when opening NewsLeecher. Try waiting a minute and see if it starts responding again.

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Post by pgjensen »

happens to me too in windows 7. usually when the program is inactive for a while and i come back to it.

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windows 7

Post by mrg9999 »

pgjensen wrote:happens to me too in windows 7. usually when the program is inactive for a while and i come back to it.
I seems to take exactly 45 secs on my system to start working. I'm runnig it in XP mode and it works fine.

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Post by Chinch »

i'll further this one.. windows 7, 64 bit.. it will sometimes freeze up on open (but will usually come around after a good solid 45-60 seconds or more, it starts responding).

i also have a problem where if i minimize the program to the taskbar for a while... and then i try to come back to it (restore/maximize) it will not come up.. i can still see the interface in the taskbar preview, but i cannot get the window to appear, so i have to end up just killing the process.

not sure what the cause is, but it's pretty irritating to have to crash NL all the time (especially after i've downloaded some headers and now... i have no idea what new came down cause it crashed)...

there are tons of strange problems that i'll have to make a list of while i'm paying attention, like articles not threading smart enough (i'm sure that will be tweaked in time to perform better)... but some sets will collapse perfectly, then others that seem like they would, don't.... or one set will be collapsed into two or more different ones.

personally, i don't like having the par2/sfv/nfo etc put in a different thread than the data files... it'd be nice to have the option to include all of it into one collapsed set per title/post.

i imagine this could be accomplished by doing some sort of smart guesswork like partial title matches .... then check if they're by the same poster... etc... i know if you have a set like


it will view those as separate posts, i guess because the titles aren't exactly the same. this is all stuff that can and i'm sure will be improved as the code for threading articles is optimized. just kind of in a halfway between state right now where it's kinda cool... but kind of annoying at the same time to have some articles completely together, some not together at all, some in different sets... still a bit uneven... but this is new stuff, so there's no reason to make a big deal about unfinished code...

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Post by Denun »

same problem here but i'm using windows vista 32bit.

doesn't matter if i run it in xp mode or not, it just freeze every 2-3 mins or is better say that it freezes everytime i click on it, waiting 30-40 secs it will respond again.

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