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errror in the log window

Post by Lundis2 »

I get this error every second.
"10:49:54 ThreadPR Error(121): Access violation at address 0080235A in module 'newsLeecher.exe'. Read of address 00000000"

Everything still seem to work though.


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Post by thenormal »

installed this new beta, it crashes back to desktop as soon as it's launched. The problem is the "connect" button. i set NL to auto-connect to server when the program starts. this causes an immediate crash as soon as i launch the app.....

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Post by kublai »

When you choose the option to "shutdown" when queue is complete it will download everything in the queue even though you have some items paused to keep from downloading.

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Post by bbarker »

bbarker wrote:I'm running under Windows XP Home and this version exits without any messages as soon as I connect to a server. I've tried installing to an empty directory and got the same result. It doesn't get far enough to actually connect to the server. Is anyone successfully running b16 under XP Home?
I was able to run this version under Windows 7 in VirtualBox. This makes me think the problem is somehow related to Windows XP.

Any suggestions? Anything I can do to provide more info?

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Post by bbarker »

thenormal wrote:installed this new beta, it crashes back to desktop as soon as it's launched. The problem is the "connect" button. i set NL to auto-connect to server when the program starts. this causes an immediate crash as soon as i launch the app.....
What version of Windows are you running?

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Post by JTIMMY »

running windows 7 have to keep setting up server and other setting evertime i restart what gives?

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Post by pzam »

If you are using that 2010 visual programing I have had problems with it on vista and see some other people are also. There are some fixes that may be out soon that missed the prefinal.


Post by Koogle »

V4 is a joke.. its so crap, nothing at llt worthwhile has been done to fix and improve things. The most hilarious thing is that options GUI is just a laugh, even 3.9 was better, now you got a crummy sTuff dialog with nerdy tweaks where before you at least had useful ui to to maker quicker changes, this developer is an idiot. Or perhaps its the fools who now use NL Winshi7e user noobs lol

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Speed limit

Post by japeape »

Anyone experiencing speed limitations?

Since B15 I no longer get more then 5MBs which is less then half of what it can be and was before.

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Post by Peweiss »

Hi there,

to say something positive ... I´m pretty happy with the latest Beta.

Only issue I still see is
Yet again the bug where the "!! newsleecher temporary !!" folder in the download directory not being cleaned up or deleted by NewsLeecher when a download and extract completes has not been addressed. NewsLeecher still keeps open files in this folder preventing it's manual deletion until NewsLeecher is closed.
But I do agree that another round of release candidates wouldn´t hurt looking at the responses.

Regards - Peter

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Speed Problem

Post by bballuk »

Ive had a few speed problem but i dont know if its NL or my ISP because the fixing a few things also i bug i found in latest beta.

Say you load a nzb or try and select something to download from SS and it has a broken file with 1kb (e.g MyDownload.par2) it will just keep coming up with a bug error and telling you to report it intill you remove it from queue and then the rest of the files will download ok without a problem.

Ive never had this before normaly it will just download whatever i add to queue took me a while to figure out why thing wernt downloading.

thanks and i hope a new beta gets release to help speed and a few other bugs.

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Issues with Release 4.0 Beta16 RC3

Post by swampnutz »

I'm having a hard time downloading rar+par+nfo collections. I would normally just find the right spot in the check box (fix that please, very annoying), click it and the entire set downloads. Now it greys out like it's about to do something and then stops. I am also unable to select all of the items and right click and choose Leech. This happens about 40% of the time (guesstimate).

I'll post with more specific info but another annoyance are the seemingly random (I develop so I know it's not really random) error messages when I click around in the list views for Supersearch and Articles tab. I think it happens in other spots as well but I haven't been bothered with making a note of it since it doesn't stop the program from working. I have encountered the bug/behavior in the current version I'm running (4.0 b16 RC3).

The checkboxes are hard to click (mentioned already) and so are the expand/collapse icons.

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Article subject filters reset every time a group finish updating

Post by abeloin »

When filtering articles in a group, if NewsLeecher is updating another group and finish before you typed everything, the text field is reseted, so as you continue to type, the previous part of the text is erased. Also the view of the current group is reseted also.

It also does the same thing on the SuperSearch filter.

It is very annoying.

Anyone else experience this?

Newsleecher v4.0 beta 16 on Windows 7 x64

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Post by mike10 »

this new version seems to be taking up a lot more memory on my computer

After downloading a couple of big files it seems to take up almost a 1 gb of memory

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the doctor
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Re: Articles Tab update headers - list resets to random location

Post by the doctor »

the doctor wrote:v4b16

In the Articles Tab when updating headers the header list relocates itself to random(?) locations when the update completes.

When updating headers the header list should remain at stable at the current location and updated headers should be added to header list in the appropriate locations as indicated by the current sort setting.

The header list should not relocate itself when the update completes.

This appears to only happen when nothing is selected in the list.

Confirmed only happening if nothing is selected.
This reseting back to the beginning of the list or the last selected item in the header list is a real NOT USER FRIENDLY problem.

When updating headers in any newsgroup the header list resets back to the begining of the header list or the currently hilighted item in the list when the update completes.

It does this whether you are currently in the same group being updated or even if you are in a different group than the one that completes updating.

In the middle of scrolling thru a group the list suddenly resets its location -NOT VERY USER FRIENDLY.