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Post by Spiril »

JohnNL wrote:Suggestion: Add a larger "Update latest xxxxx headers" number in Group Management so someone can catch up without retrieveing all headers of a group. With the larger and larger sized newgroups, the max now is 1,000,000 which isn't that much. Maybe two additional choices: 5,000,000 and 10,000,000.

This change would help when trying to adding a new group, especially since the new compressed headers are so much faster.
Checkout this (still unofficial) test:

It has an new feature to get a custom number of headers for subscribed groups.
bug fixed. no idea how. hate it when that happens. trying to break it again now. will. not. be. defeated.

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Post by JohnNL »

Spiril wrote:Checkout this (still unofficial) test:
It has an new feature to get a custom number of headers for subscribed groups.
Thank you! Not only did it let me choose custom number of headers (10,000,000) to retrieve, but I now see new headers with dates of 5/1, 5/2, and 5/3. Not sure if it was intended to fix the 60-day date issue as well, but appears to. Very nice!

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Post by bballuk »

Would just like to say thanks for the unofficial NL release it fixed the problem i was having.

(May 1st Bug) see since may 1st all new post that i try and search for on SS are not showing up no matter what i set the date to ive if i put it as 375 so ive beening going to Usenet Search Sites downloading the nzb and loading it that way which takes more time.

ive just installed this new release over the latest beta and i search for my tv shows and some new things and everything is showing up now like nothing was wrong all the dates are correct and everything.

so i just wanna say thanks for the quick fix and ill post another message if i come across anything else.

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Post by Quaraxkad »

jdgdcg wrote:The bug existed. Period. If you write a text, when another person read it and found a mistake it's not that the mistake wasn't there until you read it. It was there, but nobody saw it.
Ok, let's argue semantics like school-children. Yes, the bug existed before May. It wasn't known to anyone until May, this is why it wasn't discussed before May 1st. You seem to have thought it was known and nothing was done about it.
jdgdcg wrote:Same with the bug. It was there, and until now nobody could see it. It's not hysteria. It's a fact.
I didn't say this was hysteria, I simply gave an example of a similar bug. Your childish responses are unnecessary.

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Post by Smudge »

Ok, this thread has gone off topic and has been closed. Please continue any NL beta issues in the 4.0 beta 17 thread.
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