problems download subscribed group headers v5b1

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problems download subscribed group headers v5b1

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The last Newsleecher I used was 3.8, I decided to jump on board with the new version. 4.0 final was a crashing constantly so I decided to try 5.0 b1. No more crashes, but I have a new problem.

When I select a group and subscribe to it, then select to download all headers, some groups won't display any. It has happened on about half the groups I have subscribed to, and not the largest ones in the world. For sake of argument, for this conversation I will say alt.binaries.wmvhd. I can clear the cache, and tell it to download all new headers. It appears to download headers for a while but doesn't seem to ever complete, although in the subscribed group column it does show 8.7 million headers. But it's blank there is nothing there. I have also tried unsubscribing and resubscribing. Sometimes a combination of clearing the cache, restarting newsleecher, and updating all new headers will get some results but not always.

Win 7 Ultimate X64. Phenom II x3 710, 4gb ram, etc etc. Provider is Easynews for whatever that is worth.

EDIT - ok I see the "show old" option which is new. When I select that I do see some of the postings but I can tell by sorting the dates oldest to newest some are not pulling the new entries. Not sure how to describe it otherwise. I also see how this version is putting the multi-rar segments together so there would be less posts... but in some cases I still only see very few. Strange.

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