a.b.boneless cleaning

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a.b.boneless cleaning

Post by carloX »

i really would appreciate getting this a.b.boneless-cleaning bug fixed.

almost everytime i updated headers in this group and want to close nl, nl wants me cleaning this group. if i agree and nl starts cleaning, the little window pops up, counting the cleaned headers up to around 400.000 (often it counts just up to some thousands). then counting stops although just a third been done. nevertheless cleaning goes on (indicated by the flickering light for harddisc activities). then, after some time, this stops and nl close down.
the next time i'd updated boneless and want to close the program, nl wants to clean the group again. so apparently nothing had been cleaned before.
this only occurs with a.b.boneless.
other groups having been cleaned, nl seem to have this done correctly.

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Post by JMark »

This occurs in all newsgroups with millions of headers, carloX. In my process priority thread, I cite this issue that has been unaddressed in NL for more than two years now. It appears incapable of large amounts of data, even though it was designed to handle large amounts of data.

But hey, I can have an animated snowfall header now. That's important, right?

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Post by SystemDisc »

I'd very much like the coders to look more into upgrading usability and stabilizing features, rather than changing the GUI. I'd just like to be able to cache 1,000+ days of headers without the program crashing or freezing or <insert typical error due to incapability of handling large files and misuse of RAM>.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the work being done. That's why I pay for it. It's a good piece of software. I just think the focus is a little off.

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Post by carloX »

guess the key for these problems might be the 32bit architecture of the program or the database. normally if those kind of errors would occur, the windows taskmanager shows about 3.9xx gb usage for newsleecher...seems to be impossible for nl to use more than 4gb of memory.
i think the programmers shy away from switching to 64bit cause after such deep renewal, probably, the user might be forced to download all headers again from scratch. and that really would be a great annoyance....
but...i mean....this program is no freeware, it costs money, so this kind of unfixed hassles occuring is just a darned cheek.

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Post by Destroyer »

I believe most of the problems in making newsleecher 64bit is that Delphi did not support it. Whether they do now I don't know (in 2012 one would hope so). To be honest I really can't comment nor do I know.

I am sure Spiril has said in the past that switching to 64bit would not solve many problems.
Please note: I am NOT official newsleecher support.

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Post by cronuscactus »

Well whatever the reasons for it struggling with the large amounts of data, at least they should get rid of the progress dialog box.

Its annoying as it stays in focus no matter what window is active. It also screws up the contextual right click on system tray icons.

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Post by Spiril »

I'm looking into getting this sorted out soon. I will post an unofficial test release with the fix included in this thread, when ready.
bug fixed. no idea how. hate it when that happens. trying to break it again now. will. not. be. defeated.

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header database corrupted

Post by HappyUser »

I am under the impression that the hang at cleaning is actually due to corrupted header databases. The corruption seems to occur reliably when loading a really, really large group while downloads are going on. I used to have that happen often until I paused all downloads before starting the header updates.

Once the header database is trashed, the only way to fix this is to clean the groups headers and redownload. Obviously that is a very unpleasant solution.

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Post by kel »

Just curious will the fix included hiding/moving the popup that also occurs during the initializing of large groups? So annoying that one has to have that on top of every other window on the system until it finishes loading.
Seriously wish the missing features of local search and the features that have been broken/removed from local search but left in or in some cases improved on the SuperSearch would be fixed/restored and improved upon on for local search. - More details: http://www.newsleecher.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&p=127938#p127938

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Post by Bags »

Yes ..

Get that DAMNED ANNOYING progress indicator when closing, out of the way of other programs!
Make an animated icon or something! Green when online, red when closing, etc.

What about the preview bot windows, too?! They disappeared a few versions ago, and have not returned yet!

Also .. Big annoyance for me ..
If you open a posting window, you cannot minimise it and use the program tabs .. or anything!
If you minimise it, the whole program minimises!!

Also, yes .. who wants silly backgrounds?! Also annoying.

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Post by derekheywood »

Is this problem ever going to be fixed. I have been waiting for this for a long time.
We were promised a fix in November any hope of this ever.

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Post by JohnNL »

See other thread, Newsleecher Process Priority -- same issue

If you save your articles locally for a year, then the cleanup process can take around 15 minutes to complete! (Windows 7)

Suggestion for Spiril: Minimize NL to system tray or similar during cleanup. Release the focus.

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Post by derekheywood »

I am a bit confused by the post from JohnNl The point about this thread is about cleaning up large newsgroups not about if the messages are on screen.
If as the origibnal poster has said you try to clear down large newsgroups like alt boneless newsleacher will eventually crash and not clean anything. To replicate this download all headers from boneless about 6 billion = very large cash file sizes on your PC. then delete say half the headers and try to close newsleecher. It may not happen on the first closure but when the cleaning kicks in you will be left in a loop and the only way out is to delete boneless cache files or reinstall a clean copy. Thus losing the headers you have downloaded. And I know i'm gonna get the silly people on here who will ask why anyone would want to do this. Thats my business and not an answer to the big bug in newsleecher as there are many groups now with a large number of headers in them.
So any chance this bug can be looked at.

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Post by JohnNL »

Sorry if I confused the two issues.
I was not referring to losing headers/articles during close. Nothing is lost. I was referring to the amount of time it takes whenever you get the prompt "Do you want to cleanup..." when exiting NL. The window that is displayed says something like "cleaning up ... group" but that window is ON TOP of all other windows on your pc. Until the cleaning is completed, and NL exits, you essentially can't do anything else because the window is on top of IE, email, or any other program you have active. The "focus" is on that window.

It is like when you get a pop-up asking for your permission for something, and you can't proceed until you say yes or not.

15 minutes later NL closes the window and exits.

If you save headers (like boneless) locally and retained for a year for example, it may take 15+ minutes for the cleanup.

My suggestion is for NL to just do the cleanup in the background and minimized, so the user can do something else while NL is working and exiting.

Hope that clears up my previous post.

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Post by derekheywood »

Thanks John I think it is about time both these bugs were fixed. In the next few months this will only get worse as more and more newsgroups have more than the headers required for newsleecher to crash.
I for one as you think it is about time some of the more important bugs were fixed.

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