NL v7.0 Beta 3 UFR #4 - NL Non-Responsive Overnight

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NL v7.0 Beta 3 UFR #4 - NL Non-Responsive Overnight

Post by #1tech » Sun Nov 09, 2014 4:26 pm

November 9 2014 [NL v7.0 Beta 3 UFR #4]
Win 7 64bit
Bug ID:

Bug Data #2:
Access violation at address 006C8339 in module 'newsLeecher.exe'. Read of address 646C5752

NewsLeecher ran all night. When I checked it in the morning I saw a NewsLeecher "Application Bug Window" with the above information. NewsLeecher was dimmed and non responsive. I forced NewsLeecher to close and restarted it. As soon as I clicked "Connect" the program went "Online" and locked up again and became non responsive with the same Bug Error displayed in another "NewsLeecher Application Bug Window". At the time there were 4 files waiting for Download and Paused.

I looked at "Windows Task Manager" and NewsLeecher's CPU usage was between 70 and 90% during the time it was non responsive. Then after 15 minutes NewsLeecher's non responsive CPU usage suddenly dropped and I noticed the program started working again and it finished downloading the queued files normally. I then did a normal close of NewsLeecher. After it shutdown from the desktop, "Windows 7" displayed an "Application Error (Not Responsive)" box with the following information.
[Exception EInvalidPointer in module newsleecher.exe at 002BAECD. Invalid pointer operation.] The Win 7 "Error Box" then also dimmed. After that NewsLeecher was still an active process in the "Task Manager Processes" list with 0 CPU activity. I then ended the NewsLeecher process in Task Manager. It was cleared from the Task Manager Processes tab.

I again restarted NewsLeecher and clicked connect. There were 2 new files queued up and they started downloading normally. After they finished the Verify and Extract process, and NewsLeecher was Idle, I did a normal program close without any further errors. NewsLeecher ran normally after that at every restart.

I have, on occasion in the past, seen NewsLeecher become non-responsive like this after 8 to 10 hours of unattended operation.

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