What's happened to Newsleecher?

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What's happened to Newsleecher?

Post by pk1209 »

Been using the beta releases for years and they've always been great, but it's all gone to hell for me recently, constant error popups, and much much worse, the application is freezing often and I have to force close which plays merry hell with my downloads when I re open the app.

For the first time in using the app in over 5 years I'm going to have to go back to a stable release...

How do I share logs with you guys?

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Re: What's happened to Newsleecher?

Post by sinner »

Same for me, started with beta 6.
Constant freezing after some time downloading.

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Re: What's happened to Newsleecher?

Post by daleidat »

I tried Beta 6 and the fonts were all the place. The fonts were that small I was pondering whether to use my Binoculars .
I reloaded Beta 5 from my Beta 5 backup, and I have had no problem since. So before I upgrade again, I will wait and see how you lads are getting along.
For me, Beta 5 is the most reliable release.

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Re: What's happened to Newsleecher?

Post by Davood »

its a beta so you can't expect bleeding edge features that work 100%

im annoyed too but im not going to complain. simply post your errors and provide as much detail as possible so that it can be fixed

complaining isn't productive. if the "stable" final releases haev major bugs then you can complain :)

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Re: What's happened to Newsleecher?

Post by Destroyer »

If you can provide as much info as possible to Spiril etc, he will try his best to help. I know that from my own experience. Sometimes the bugs are quite esoteric so you need to help him to help you as much as you can.
Please note: I am NOT official newsleecher support.

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Re: What's happened to Newsleecher?

Post by SuicycoMF »

I cannot even get 7.0 Beta 7 to run once I upgrade (tried overwrite upgrade and also a clean install).

Each time I run the program, I get a bug error about Unicode.

I went back to 5.0 Final as it at least seems to work on a consistent basis. Not like we're going to see a "Final" for any newer version any time soon.

Anybody know if 5.0 Final is Windows 10 compatible?
-- SuicycoMF

Chook Fowler
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Re: What's happened to Newsleecher?

Post by Chook Fowler »

THANK YOU GOD.....someone else experiencing the same problems with these latest releases.....

Although I am constantly getting the bug screens and lockups, these problems are nothing compared with the download queue crashes.

My download queue is corrupting every day. Today it corrupted three times.
And it means you have to delete it and requeue it.
And it isn't just large (>30) queues
It's happening to queues of less than 5.

I have given up on extract completely.
I now keep notes on everything I download and here is why.....
The bloody thing was doing extracts, failing then deleting everything related to the failed extract.
I now let it do everything but extract, but be warned, the results are still not 100% guaranteed.
One in five downloads you will still need to do the par repairs manually as winrar will fail.

I am in total agreement with saving the log file.
The file should save automatically when updated and should append every session.
Error reporting should include a request of how far back you want the log file to report before you send it.
There should also be an option of how many days you want to keep the log file history.

if the programmers are serious they will do something about this, otherwise its off to greener pastures somewhere else.


Chook Fowler.

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Re: What's happened to Newsleecher?

Post by cosy »

well there is no surprise, as we started using the betas, Microsoft was on windows 2000, now even Microsoft has done more and it is at windows 10, newsleecher is still in beta.... blah..blah.. always?

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