Congratulations on your official 1.0 release

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Congratulations on your official 1.0 release

Post by Rebraunstein »

Congrats and a tip of the hat to the author and development team for the official NewsLeecher v1.0 release.

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Post by Fedorov »

Yea, best software by a big margin - congrats to Spiril.

Please keep up the great work!


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Post by Larz »

Congrats! :D

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Post by scuba69 »

NewsLeecher does what I need when I need it.

Congrats on Version 1

Thanks !


Post by Guest »

Congrats and thanks for a great piece of software.

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Post by jfranc »

Congrats Spiral on v1.00. Keep up the great work. The best by far !!!!!

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Post by BobMorane »

Yup, a $ 35.00 well spent in my opinion. :wink:

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Post by DevilsRejection »

spiral thanks for everything, you have been there throughout the entire developemnt cycle with me listening to my, and everyone elses ideas.

Newsleecher = A binary newsreader for the people by the people!

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Post by djr »

People PLEASE! It's SPIRIL, not Spiral.

Hats off Spiril .. the great big one O .. onward to 2.0 we go :)

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Post by Jasonzx »

I was wondering if this version is basically the same as the last?

Im currently on a free trial run.

-Im Jason and I approve this message.

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Post by MrCrowley »

Jasonzx wrote:I was wondering if this version is basically the same as the last?

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Post by AnimuS »

Great job on the program! I bought the program since B9 and its been worth every cent!


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Post by Gornn »

I agree, the money was well spent. I've only used it for a few weeks, but it's far better than the other competing products I tested prior to it.

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Post by daphatty »

A well earned congrats indeed! I look forward to the future.

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Post by peste »

34 betas and a couple of years later... this thing ages like wine. 8)

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