Not downloading NZB

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Not downloading NZB

Post by noblemd »

NL - v7, v8, and possibly other versions as well will not download NZBs in the format below (partial text of NZB):

NL downloads one part only.

Note: "*" hides file name.

If you need full NZB please advise how to send the file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE nzb PUBLIC "-//newzBin//DTD NZB 1.0//EN" "">
<nzb xmlns="">
<file subject="************** 2003 1080p BluRay x264-YIFY yEnc (73/73)" poster=" &lt;JBinUp@JBinUp.local&gt;" date="1559560396">
<segment number="1" bytes="768000">9MLxnICRYouf8iZKtBAB_25o25@JBinUp.local</segment>
<segment number="2" bytes="768000">zPd5k4VeZNneHnXgW7RW_25o25@JBinUp.local</segment>
<segment number="3" bytes="768000">gJKVhKoet0EfLZ3U3tqb_25o25@JBinUp.local</segment>
<segment number="4" bytes="768000">eQLbHcAqqdwFpVn0mmJ4_25o25@JBinUp.local</segment>
<segment number="5" bytes="768000">ICvunZMl2sxtZ4biyHMp_25o25@JBinUp.local</segment>
<segment number="6" bytes="768000">dKFhgyBpQnsRWOZpE2nI_25o25@JBinUp.local</segment>
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Re: Not downloading NZB

Post by Chiefo »

I'll also need a solution to this as I am not too experienced on this. If anyone could help, it would be great.

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