3.5b3 GUI change complaints

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Post by zeus163 »

That's the thing, the first time the drop down list was taken out so many people were disappointed that it was brought back. It just doesn't make sense to not have it since there is so much space on the menu bars that isn't being used (even if you have the quick super search turned on).

I guess I just miss my check boxes that allowed me to select/deselect my groups from the groups tab. I don't want to go back to the manager something I've only ever used for making changes to my news server settings or subscribing to groups.

I'm sure the auto-update function works well for some, but that's not how I want to use it. I like updating one at a time and not having to switch tabs to do it. It doesn't seem very intuitive anymore.

I must say though, that Spiril does an outstanding job on this program and I know I could never do anything like that. I just hope some of the UI comes back. This seems more like 4.0 beta 1 and not 3.5 beta 3.

I've already gone back to beta 2.

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Post by belo »

jchojnacki wrote:
grimlock72 wrote:I can't see why some of the changes were made;

1. The group-select dropdown is gone, this alone will be sufficient to move back to beta2 for me.
I agree.
Because of the loss of the group dropdown alone, I have reverted back to beta2.

Seems kind of strange that it was even taken off. If memory serves, I think it had been removed once before. Which did not go over well, hence it being in beta2.

i'm also a victim of the disappearing . :cry:
sorry but i don't like the new beta :cry:

I'm gonna go back to beta 2.

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Post by zetaprime »

It looks like an overwhelming majority of users are very unhappy with the changes made in beta 3. Hopefully Spiril will see this and undo all those mistakes for the next beta. I don't know what he was thinking when he made beta 3.

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Post by Dibbler »

I know that it has been mentioned already but just to emphasise....


I want my group selection pull down thingy back....!!!!

.....oh and please put the other useful bits back in that people have been asking for :lol:

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Post by wom »

Switching back to beta2 now.

Only thing i like is the possibility to filter in the queue now.

Please go back to the beta2 style. And please please bring back the group-select-dropdown-box. I can't use that sidebar thing.



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Post by Swamibob »

I would like to also chime in and say I do not like the changes in the new b3 release. I'm back to b2 until I read up here that the new b4 is back to the old setup with more features but without the new layout of the screens.

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Post by Gary »

Why on earth was the dropdown list removed? Makes it very hard to get to your newsgroups the way it is now! This needs a fix fast, as the last beta crashed every other day when getting headers, so hate to have to go back to it.

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Post by Mmmbacon »

Not to pile on, Spiril has done an outstanding job with this product and Im really glad to be able to participate in an open beta, but I too am headed back to beta 2 until the dust clears. I know spiril will address the almost unanimous issues for us....
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Post by Koogle »

yeah I also prefer the old beta2 GUI.. this one is like GUI "Removements"... everything useful and nice has gone...

The quick SSearch box is nice to have so long as you can move it to a more quick to get to place.. also whats the point in "Lock Toolbars" when you can't move/slide the toolbars anyway? ie moving the SSearch Box closer to the left hand side.

I also liked the dropdown box with all subcribed groups... please bring that back.. it was quick, having to use this other method of choosing groups can be a waste screen space having it in view when its not needed to browse groups.. now I have to bring it out, select a group, and get rid of it.. just give users the option like before, I know that method has its uses. but I like quickness option too.

bring back the icons for the tabs... makes the GUi look a bit better than the serious minimalist aproach.. or give us the option to choose.

anyway I'm using beta3 only because the Filter has finally arrived for the Queue :D at least thats something good about beta3

and speaking of the filter boxes, can you please allow us to move those filter boxes closer to the rest of the options in those tabs.. having a filter box way out too the right hand side of the screen is annoying aswel.

looking forward to beta4 :)

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Post by Erikro »

I'm sorry to say also, but i dont like the new interface. After a few days i still cant manouver and do the things i want or the way i want. I keep pressing and the wrong buttons it seems, because everytime the wrong things happens.

This is really terrible :(

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Post by bigsid05 »

I can't even begin to describe how displeased I am with this new beta. I agree with the general consensus of this thread. Why change all of this stuff all of a sudden? No music search, filter all the way to the right, not able to combine headers from multiple groups, etc. I will be downgrading immediately.

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Post by TifKag »

I'm feeling users are getting the wrong end of the stick here.

He changed the look and feel of NL completely, without even warning or consulting his PAYING customers.
I know it's HIS program, but he could have made a poll or anouncement about the total change of the GUI.
He should take care of the buglist first, before implementing such a radical change.

It's my opinion that implementing new features causes new bugs to arise, while the old ones are not resolved yet (and some of them are there for a long time now).

And once again Spiril is not around on the forum to react on the MANY messages of his customers about the changes many customers don't like.

This is the first time i REALLY dislike NL (and yes, i have reverted to B2 to)

This is not meant as a rant, but just my 2 cents

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Post by forumhound »

I've delayed installing the 3.5 beta.. I'm now going to hold off until the next beta and read the feedback...

however, I'm impressed that the filter has been implemented for the download queue.. this is something that I requested (together with others) so it's nice to see it appear.. shame I can't use it yet as I don't want to install beta 3 due to the negative responses..
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Post by dwazegek »

bigsid05 wrote:not able to combine headers from multiple groups
If you press shift or ctrl you can open multiple groups.
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Post by Spiril »

bigsid05 wrote:No music search
The 'Audio' & 'General' search categories are now combined. This was done to improve the quality of SuperSearch.

If you, for example, search for a specific music band, using the 'general' search category, you will now see video *and* as audio results instead of just video *or* audio results (depending on which search group you had selected in the previous versions).

The goal is to merge the picture group with the general group aswell, but I'll have to upgrade the SuperSearch hardware before doing that, as it will put a lot of extra load on the server.

bigsid05 wrote: filter all the way to the right
Will be changed in beta 4.
bigsid05 wrote: not able to combine headers from multiple groups, etc. I will be downgrading immediately.
You can use standard windows behaviour (ctrl + shift keys) to merge active groups. Or you can create virtual groups.

Note, you can also use the ctrl key to deactivate currently active groups, by clicking the active groupname(s) in the group navigation box, while pressing ctrl.

bug fixed. no idea how. hate it when that happens. trying to break it again now. will. not. be. defeated.

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