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All I want out of NL for the next few months is STABILITY. The outages have been far too often. W(NL just popped in to tell me it couldn't connect to the Supersearch service).. again.. What is the point of adding retention or any of the other requests if we can't use the service that we've all come to rely on? I'm not going to add the usual threat I see on the board about ditching NL. I'm spoiled. I don't want to go through the extra steps it takes to achieve the same end. Fix what you have before moving on... please.

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Re: Stability

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I agree

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Re: Stability

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Agreed, but sadly, I don't see anything changing in the future that would improve the current situation. We individually have to either tolerate it, or move on.

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Re: Stability

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The harsh reality...hoping for the best

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Re: Stability

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great theme

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