Extract / Download path with <NzbName>

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Extract / Download path with <NzbName>

Post by HannesB »

Currently it is possible to include the PAR2 file name in the Extract path.
However, most of the files now have strange names.
It would be a nice if the name of the NZB file can be used
This is often good readable, and is a better alternative.
So I want to specify the extract (and Download) directory als C:\ .....\<NzbName>
This will be a useful addition

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Re: Extract / Download path with <NzbName>

Post by john07 »

A directory with nzb-name (without nzb-extension) is created and all mylowes files are out there. If your mykohlscharge directory name ends with ".mkv.001" (which wasn't part of nzb-name), then something else (not nzbget) makes this. To get rid of the extra dir use post-processing scripts EasySort or VideoSort (use search in extension scripts subforum).

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