F11 not working in v3b3

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Lips wrote:Well, there's always a couple in every crowd..... ;-) :smile:
You're just jealous cause my bug got fixed and yours didn't. Spiril obviously loves me more :P

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Thanks for the F11 fix in b5. You da man!

-- Geek

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Post by Lips »

Wireless Geek wrote:Spiril,

Thanks for the F11 fix in b5. You da man!
Yes, I'm glad it has returned.


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Post by cosmos »

I'm happy I found this thread. I thought I was losing my mind in the other beta. :lol:


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Whoops -- it's not completely fixed. ;) Alt-F11 works the same as F11. Alt-F11 should trigger the third item in the Tools menu.

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