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Covers both software and Usenet access services.

Affiliate Program Information

The NewsLeecher affiliate program is currently put on ice, while being rebuilt for better management.

If you are a current affiliate and have unpaid affiliate bonuses with us, please contact NewsLeecher support with your affiliate ID, for a quick resolution.

We will be back with a better affiliate program setup within too long.

March 15, 2019

Due to a bug in some new code related to the deobfuscation engine in the SuperSearch backend, the SuperSearch service has been down for the last several hours. This has now been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

With the new code in place, SuperSearch now deobfuscates *tons* of obfuscated postings every day. Also the SuperSearch index just got backfilled hundreds of thousands of freshly deobfuscated postings.

On a different node, we expect the first beta release of NewsLeecher V8.0 to be out within the next couple of weeks time. It will be a major upgrade from V7.0, since *lots* of code has been rewritten. Full support for obfuscated postings, full support for High DPI setups, new UI, a vastly optimized multi-threaded leeching engine and more.

February 13, 2019

There is currently some header-corruption going on with the SuperSearch service. We are looking into it and hope to have it fixed very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update : Now, 36 hours later wo. sleep, I'm happy to announce that the corruption bug-tracking finally succeeded and the issue has been sorted :)

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