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January 5, 2017

The SuperSearch service will be down for some time during the next couple of hours, as we are upgrading the search engine. We will post an update when the upgrade is complete. In advance, sorry for the inconvenience.

Update : The SuperSearch service has now been fully upgraded. Lots of spam articles were removed from the service and the search retention has been bumped to almost 9 years for most groups.

Update 2 : Oh and happy new year! :-) ... Now back to work on the upcoming NewsLeecher V8.0 beta 1 release.

June 6, 2016

NewsLeecher Version 7.0 Final is out. At last! :-)

It is totally free to use for everybody. No registration required, unless you want access to one or more of the available add-on services, such as our powerful Usenet search engine, SuperSearch, the auto-leeching service SuperLeech, or our unlimited Usenet access service.

So go ahead and grab a free copy of NewsLeecher Version 7.0!

While the V7.0 final is now released, we will probably make a few more releases in the V7.x line, but our main focus is now on the next major version of NewsLeecher. We are already long into the NewsLeecher V8.0 alpha testing.

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