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January 7, 2019

The SuperSearch service is again deobfuscating lots of new Usenet postings. Additionally we are working on improving the matching code/algorithms further, and have a few ideas on how to deobfuscate even more postings, in the pipeline. Stay tuned:)

January 5, 2019

During the last 24 hours time, there have been some incomplete articles/files in SuperSearch, due to an issue with our backend-provider. We are working on getting that fixed.

We are also working on improving the SuperSearch deobfuscation code, so expect a lot more deobfuscated search-results in SuperSearch soon. ( deobfuscation means that garbled filenames, get converted into filenames that are human readable )

Update: We have added an additional backend-provider to the SuperSearch indexer and backfilled missing articles. So SuperSearch completion is fine again.

Update#2: We are still working on getting the SuperSearch service to deobfuscate more postings. And we - still - expect it to work at full throttle soon. We'll keep you updated :)

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