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Our Unlimited Usenet Access Service

If you sign up for either stand-alone Unlimited Usenet Access, or a combination of Unlimited Usenet Access together with full access to the NewsLeecher Usenet Software and the popular SuperSearch and SuperLeech services, you will get full and unlimited access to our Usenet server farms.

Below is a fact-sheet for our Unlimited Usenet Access service. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Save Money

We offer the lowest monthly price for Unlimited Usenet Access in the industry. Just $9.49 for full and unrestricted access to our Usenet access service. For a couple for bucks more, you will also get full and unrestricted access to the NewsLeecher Usenet Software plus the SuperSearch and SuperSearch services.

World Leading Retention

We keep Usenet posts online for a very very long time. Retention in the binary Usenet groups is almost 4,450 days, and retention in the text groups it is almost 4,625 days. Plus it is rising every day. All postings can be accessed, either by fetching group headers directly through your Usenet client or by using the NewsLeecher SuperSearch service.

No Speed or Download Limits

Download as much as you like without any speed limits. To provive the best possible speed, we have a massive backbone structure with multiple connections to different geographical locations.

Strong Privacy

Strong 256-Bit SSL Usenet encryption is included with our Usenet access service. Not only does SSL encryption offer better privacy, it can also prevents eventual speed throttling by your local Internet Service Provider.

99%+ Completion

We maintain peering relationships with all major Usenet providers and most smaller providers, which means you have access to almost every article posted to Usenet anywhere in the world.

European & American Servers

To provide the best possible speed, no matter your geographical location, we have Usenet servers in both Europe and USA.

Additional Info

Up To 30 Simultaneous Connections.  Over 100000 Discussion Groups.  Fast Customer Support.  Tried and Tested Service. Can Be Used With Your Prefered Usenet Software and Operating System.

If you have any questions regarding the Unlimited Usenet Access service, feel free to contact us.
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Our premium unlimited Usenet access servers can be accessed through the address (recommended), or

The service uses standard connection ports. Port 563 for encrypted SSL and 119 for non-encrypted connections. If needed, the following ports are also available: 23, 443, 3128, 7000, 8000 and 9000 for non-encrypted connections. Port 80 and 81 for encrypted SSL connections.

Note that you can use the Usenet access service with any preferred Usenet client software. If you prefer to use our Usenet client, NewsLeecher, you can download the latest release from the NewsLeecher software page.

How much and how fast can you download ? Leech as much as you like, without getting your download speed capped. The current binary groups retention is ~4,450 days.

Further questions regarding our Usenet access service, are answered here.

February 7, 2020

Due to a bug in some new SuperSearch backend code, the SuperSearch service has been down for periods of time today. We have now reverted the code, so the service is back to working. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Optimization notice:
We are currently (still) working full time with optimizing the SuperSearch backend, to make searching, indexing and unscrambling faster - and, primarily, optimizations to bump the retention to 10+ (12+ actually) years for all indexed groups.

January 9, 2020

SuperSearch Retention Status Update:
SuperSearch is currently running with a bit more than 4 years of article retention. But we are working hard to reach our goal of 10+ years retention. All 10+ years of Usenet article-data is in our storage, just waiting to be used to bump the SuperSearch retention.

The reason that retention is currently "only" at ~4 years, is that the amount of stuff posted to the Usenet is constantly rising. It requires more and more system resources to keep up, even though the index retention is kept constant. And not only that. We have also decided to start indexing subjects of text-groups and keep full index retention for audio and image (JPG, PNG, etc) groups. Those groups alone contain tens of millions of articles that we make fully searchable in true wildcard/substring ( *word* ) manner.

Note that it's really the "wildcard"-search capability, that makes it tricky to raise the SuperSearch search retention. If we simply used a genetic database approach (such as MySQL) to provide SuperSearch searching capabilities, we could easily bump retention to 10+ years and much much more if needed. But we really want to keep true wildcard searching available for our users and that's why it gets a lot harder to bump the retention, since generic databases don't implement true wildcard search capabilities. Everything has to be written from scratch and specifically tailored for the job that the SuperSearch service provides.

Anyway. As mentioned above, we are working hard on improving the SuperSearch service at the moment. The service's backend-engine is being partly rewritten to improve performance and to make sure that the service is futureproof, by being able to keep up with the ever expanding Usenet retention demands.

We also use the code-rewrite opportunity to modulize the backend, so it gets a lot easier to add new functionality in the future.

While we cannot say for sure when exactly the job is done, we can say though, that it will be pretty soon. Things are progressing nicely and the most longhaired part of the optimization is done.

So all in all, good things to come soon :)

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