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by misterhektik
Thu Aug 23, 2007 6:40 pm
Forum: Beta Releases
Topic: 3.9 beta 7 bugs
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Don't know if this qualifies as a 'bug' but b7 has messed with the tab order (the button on the kb.) In the Super Search tab, if you shift+tab in the "Search For" field, it now goes to the bottom server window instead of going to the "Max Days" field. Just something I noticed. Takes an extra 2 tabs ...
by misterhektik
Wed Jan 31, 2007 6:49 am
Forum: Bug Reports | Final Release Only
Topic: Certain characters in path cause problems with RnE
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Certain characters in path cause problems with RnE

Version: 3.9B1 Operating System w/ Service Pack Version: Vista RTM Installation Method: Full Type of Installation: Beta Number of Servers:1 List your provider(s)?: Newshosting Connections per server: 8 Server priority: 1 Bug Description: I installed Windows Vista and used "Greñas" as my user name. W...
by misterhektik
Wed Jan 31, 2007 5:45 am
Forum: Beta Releases
Topic: UNC paths (3.9b1)
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I also had a problem with RnE downloading to the wrong path. In my case, I was on Vista and my username had an ñ (n with the little ~ thing over it) and it downloaded fine, but when RnE went to extract the files, it created a folder in the correct folder (my documents) but extracted to a different n...