!!!UPDATED!!! Please tell me you did not consolidate supersearch categories!

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!!!UPDATED!!! Please tell me you did not consolidate supersearch categories!

Post by bigc33 »


Please elaborate on this.


UPDATED 8/21/07:

With the new 3.9 Beta 7, I am now happier than ever.

Supersearch is now much more powerful than ever before.
I didn't have the scope to understand how powerful supersearch would become.
All I saw was what wasn't there at the time.

But now:
3.9 Beta 7 - Released 21 Aug 2007


#: In preparation for the NewsLeecher Version 4 release, there're

lots of major internal changes in this beta (still invisible

to the end-user). Lots of changes mean lots of new

possibilities for bugs, so it's recommended that you stay with

the NewsLeecher Final Release if you don't want to experiment.

+: *BIG ADDITION*: NewsLeecher now implements a new, and much

improved header fetching cache, which is used when fetching

headers from usenet groups. In earlier versions, NewsLeecher

wrote to the disk *extensively* while fetching headers. But

due to the new cache, the disk writes are reduced by several

hundred percent, meaning much lower resource usage and much

higher responsiveness while fetching group headers. Especially

when a fast broadband connection is used.

+: *BIG ADDITION*: The SuperSearch 'Audio' category has been

merged with the 'General' catetegory, and the 'Picture'

category has been replaced by a new 'Erotica' search category,

due to the vast amount of erotic related groups on usenet.

Furthermore, a new SuperSearch subfilter system, which makes it

easy to find specific articles types (such as audio related

articles), has been added.

+: The SuperSearch 'Result Filter' now supports boolean searching.

*: Lots of internal changes have been made to NewsLeecher and

SuperSearch in preparation for the upcoming NewsLeecher v4


!: Fixed a serious bug, introduced in the previous beta, where

NewsLeecher would consume all system memory under certain



!: Smaller bugfixed here and there.
So far, this is the best update. I'm overjoyed.

"+: The SuperSearch 'Result Filter' now supports boolean searching."

This is my favorite feature. Ever!
I've been missing it ever since it's disappearance, and I am rejoicing it's sweet, sweet return.

I tip my hat to Spiril.

Thank you.

This is good work. Very good work.
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Post by corrosive23 »

yeah thats bullshit. One of the items on the wishlist was to add categories and now you guys merged them.

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Post by Albion »

I thought we all voiced our opinions against it the last time they tried to consolidate! I do like the filters, but lets see a "type" filter in there, Music, Pictures, Video, Apps, Other.


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Post by techfuzz »

The categories are being changed in preparation for some other major changes to the Super Search engine. Spiril will make an announcement regarding the changes.


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Post by bolony »

it hasn't changed yet right?
I'm getting that pop up everytime I search for an audio file because I noticed searching in general does not yield the same results. It's starting to get annoying.

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Post by bigc33 »

When will Spiril make his "State of the NewsLeecher address?"

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Post by champ »

I agree that this change is a major disappointment.

Two big thumbs down!

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Post by Crand »

AGAIN!!!!! WTF? Why can't they just leave this the way it is. If anything, there should be more categories. Getting rid of that music tab is so crazy wrong.

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Post by atomicjew »

There is no "general" category button, only "main, audio, pictures". So it merged with a null category. It did not merge with "main", which finds different results for the same criteria.

In addition to exclusive inclusion categories the category tree can use dynamic analysis of crossposts to define familial categories in a bottom-up/bubble type sort, similar to how "Parental Controls" decide if a webpage is adult by the urls its ads/banners/frames point to.
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Post by Ikarasu »

It merged with the "Main" category.

The reason it yields different results, is the filters merged, not the current data.

Not sure exactly what day the change was made - but I'm pretty sure what it means, is anything that was posted after that day, will now be in the "Main" category, not the music one. IE: Search for "mp3" under music category, with a max of 2 days, nothing will appear. However, if you do it in general, it will, and the mp3 groups are whats listed.

However, I admit - I hate this change. I'm hoping the Supersearch changes, that werent anounced yet... has some sort of filtering system, which at least equals, if not betters the current one.

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Post by bigc33 »

Just did a bit of supersearching and, well, this sucks.

I'd tell you how I really feel in detail, but I'll wait for that announcement.

I'm not going to hold my breath for great news either.

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Post by buffman »

They really need a porn category...

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Post by bigc33 »

well now that the audio and general categories are one, you will come across unwanted porn in your results for an audio search.

TADA!!!!!! Supersearch is awesome now.

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Post by buffman »

Since when would porn be unwanted??

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Post by bigc33 »

Theoretically, never.

But it becomes a huge pain in the ass since the filtering system for supersearch sucks and now you have to filter through more unwanted sTuff.

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