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SuperSearch awaiting / receiving response

Post by muddyfunkster »

Hi all,

I've recently signed up to NewsLeecher and SuperSearch, which was all working fine to begin with, but now I am having trouble with SuperSearch. I dont think I've changed anything in my setup either...

If I search for something and press enter/go it says Awaiting Response, and then sometimes switches to Receiving Response, but nothing is ever found and the search options remain greyed out.

I am able to access the GigaNews servers and update articles and download etc, but just cant search.

I've disabled the Linksys WRT54G firewall, and have set up port forwarding for ports 23, 80 and 119, which didnt make any difference.

Have tried clearing the IE temporary internet files as well.

Can anyone confirm if its working for them or anything i can try to fix this?

I am based in the UK



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Post by muddyfunkster »

Ok, so I've been able to get it working by using the Alt supersearch port 23

For the benefit of anyone else, you can access this by going to Options > Advanced > Use Alt. Supersearch Port.

I have also set port forwarding for port 23.

Am using NewsLeecher v3.9 Beta 13

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Post by jabbermacy »

Hmmm... supersearch is stalling NOW - worked fine this morning!! Any ideas WTF is up?

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Post by tommo123 »

same here.

been like this for a few hours now. nothings changed on my end. download headers fine, looks like supersearch is hosed!

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Post by max2 »

Same here. This is the kind of instability I can not stand. Glad I don't pay for supersearch.

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supersearch down

Post by swed99 »

I'm not getting any response at all, for the last hour or so. Can newsleecher please post a forum reponse to the status please.


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Post by techfuzz »

Please use the thread stickied at the top of this forum for reporting when SS may be down. Thank you.