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Retention upgrade

Post by StoneDog »


first - sorry for making a separate post as it seems there are some already existing for this topic ... however no replies from "the powers that be" to this matter :wink:

Newshosting is upgrading their retention to 250 days and Astraweb to a whopping 270 days - and SuperSearch (for which we pay a premium) seems thoroughly intended to remain on 180 days .....

My simple question - and I am sure this is seconded by many - is: Will the SS retention be upgraded to match what seems to be the 'standard' these days and if so when ?


PS. No malice here - NL is still my first choice even though there are a number of free alternatives available .... just want to keep ALL the incentives to pay for a Newsreader :lol:

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Post by jericko »

I too would like to see the SS retention increased to match newshosting/astraweb.

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Post by dialtone »

I believe that if you read the "other" thread, you'd see that The Powers did answer this. They are waiting for the release of the 64 bit (database) development software. They said it would be sometime early-mid 2009. Until then, they have a limit to the setup.

I am eagerly awaiting this upgrade. GigaNews now does the 240 day retention. In the meantime, we might be need to have a look to another search option. Newzbin and some other one, i don't remember at this moment.

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Post by Smudge »

Answer is posted here
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Post by StoneDog »

Sorry - my mistake .... obviously didn't read all posts re. this topic :oops:
Will do more thorough searches in the future ....

Thanks for the replies though - will eagerly await the new retention .... and as initially mentioned keep up the good work on this super product !


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