SS down 3/7, maybe earlier?

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SS down 3/7, maybe earlier?

Post by rhawk301 »

Got home, and no searchie. I tried from 2 locations, just says "awaiting response". Oh well, time to go to bed I guess.

The Penguin
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Post by The Penguin »

I've the same problem. It dasn't work :cry:

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Re: SS down 3/7, maybe earlier?

Post by Bob_B »

rhawk301 wrote:..., just says "awaiting response". ....
Same here :-(

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Post by t166err »

same here, tried on main pc and on laptop, not a connection issue on my part, been trying every 15 mins since 9am, i know its not been long but as it looks like others are having the same issue, id assume it fair to say its not my end. im in the uk, is this a world wide problem? where abouts are you guys from?

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search down

Post by elliott1800 »

Got the same problem here, any official word when its likely to be back?

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Post by mellie »

Me too :cry:

Just getting 'awaiting response' message.

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Supersearch not responding at all - me too

Post by Marilith »


super search worked fine for me the last days, I did not install or change anything. Today it refuses to return an answer, it simply hangs.

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Post by mellie »

Now getting:

Unable to receive a reply from the SuperSearch service.

Instead of it not replying at all as before.

What gives? :?

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Post by moomoo »

Once again this service fails to deliver. :evil:

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Post by Lorien »

same here does not work again.

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Post by Optikn3rv »

same here 13:04 and still no SS, nothing on the site about it either, whats going on guys.

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Post by noxiousbob »

And the sad thing about all this? Nobody cares...
When the subscriber base dies out..they'll care

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Post by mellie »

Everyone might want to also post on the 'Help! SuperSearch seems to be down ...' thread.

They might actually read that one...


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Post by mellie »

Holds breath....................... :!:

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Post by mox »

Yeah, it's down for me too as of this morning. (East coast USA).

Maintaining a real-time searchable index of usenet that is tied to hundreds of thousands of clients that require authentication is pretty awesome.

I am sure it't not easy to develop and maintain, if it was, they'd have some competitors.

So yeah, it's annoying when it goes down, but usually when it does go down it isn't for long.

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