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Supersearch on Mac

Post by unfrostedpoptart »

Hi all.
Long-time NL/SS user. I switched to Macs a few months ago and got NL working under Crossover Office. I don't want to deal with Fusion or Parallels. Everything works except SuperSearch just sits there saying "initializing" forever.

I gave up for a few months since a brand new version of Unison (v2) came out for the Mac that did most of what NL did. However, in what seemed like a great idea at the time, Unison didn't have its own search engine and just allowed you to go to external ones within the program. I guess the folks at bintube were tired of providing a free service and disabled it. All that's left is which is useless since it can't doing any complicated searches.

So, it's back to trying to get NL/SS all working again on my Mac. I grabbed the new v4b19. Again, NL is fine but SS is stuck. I tried using the alternate SS port in advanced settings, but no change.

Any ideas? If Spiril got this running he's instantly have the best binary newsreader for the Mac (and probably Linux)!



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