Search inside archives feature. Is it possible?

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Search inside archives feature. Is it possible?

Post by semel »

ve recently discovered the new search engine out there -
And what really amazed me was that MB could search within archives

For instance:


archive name "ich844" You cant guess what is inside.
But MB reveals you the secret -*****.

Besides, based on this feature all those crappy fake posts, archives within archives are not a threat to honest =)) usenet users anymore.

As far as i understand they check RAR headers , though i might be mistaken

I understand that web based search and built-in search is totally different, i guess.
But still i cant help but wonder if it is possible somehow to implement this feature?

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Post by BlizzardUK »

Ditto, Mysterbin is great and to have the same feature within SuperSearch would be so very useful.

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