Bring back tabs within Supersearch!!

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Bring back tabs within Supersearch!!

Post by BAWz »

please put in option to uses tabs within Supersearch. not everyone likes the bookmark tree on tree. for me, the tabs were much more useful. thx and keep up the good work.

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Post by idmanager »


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Post by reconnoitering »


I'd like to be able to pick which one I would like to use per session.

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Post by kel »


Tabs are very useful.
Seriously wish the missing features of local search and the features that have been broken/removed from local search but left in or in some cases improved on the SuperSearch would be fixed/restored and improved upon on for local search. - More details:

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Post by max2 »


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Put bookmarks back the way they were

Post by Blakeyrat »

Put bookmarks back the way they were -- get rid of the stupid "tree" and put them back on the toolbar. And bring back the tabs. These are good features that shouldn't have been removed.

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