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Clear SS window before new search

Post by peste »

Would it be possible to add an option to simply add new search results to the current batch instead of clearing the ones present then adding.

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Post by The-One »

Why ??

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Post by dwazegek »

The-One wrote:Why ??
hehe, indeed, why
super search is so bloody fast, it really won't speed up much if this were implemented. it'd probably only put more stress on the server, slowing the service down
or do you want to do a search for "a", then do a conescutive search for "b", and have the results for b added to the ones from a? (don't see any use for this though)

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Post by peste »

It doesn't have anything to do with the server. All that happens is that the items currently in the SS listview get left there and new search items are added.

This is useful if you want to search for something new while browsing through current search results.

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Post by Magic »

point taken!

Good idea then!
Back in business!

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Post by Spiril »

I'll put it on the todo... Shouldn't be hard to implement, so maybe I can make it available as soon as the next release :)

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Post by 96civic »


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