Result Filter cannot be accessed in 800x600 res

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Result Filter cannot be accessed in 800x600 res

Post by Lips »

When I used a screen resolution of 800x600 (Win XP) on a 15" monitor, there was not enough room on the toolbar for the Result Filter. It went off to the right and could not receive focus (at least I couldn't get it active). Tried moving things around on the toolbar and still no change. I'm not currently using this resolution, but I tried it a few times.
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Anyone else seeing this?


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Post by peste »

Err... what the heck is a "15 inch" monitor? Some kind of new Russian technology? :lol:

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Post by The-One »

It could be Some kind of new Russian technology, but it could also be a 15" LCD monitor :idea: . or a 15" laptop display :idea:

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