How does SS know when an article is incomplete?

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How does SS know when an article is incomplete?

Post by Gunner »

All, i'm wondering how the SS engine knows which articles are incomplete on the server. For each server there could be several reasons why an article is incomplete.

On Astra it could be completely different than Usenetserver for example.

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Post by Lips »

It doesn't. SSearch returns the headers for articles that are indexed on the SSearch server. It knows what articles were available on the server(s) from which it gets the headers at the time that it gets the headers. If you are a user of nzb files, you have a similar situation. You have the mid's for the articles, but that does not guarantee that the articles are available on any one specific server.
If you want to know that the articles are available on your server, you would need to get headers with NL from the server or search that specific server (XPAT search). If you know the server's retention and you have a server with good completion, then you also have a good idea if the article will be available.


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