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Post by silverbommel »

TFH wrote:Anyway... Got my renewal notice yesterday with the new version of Newsleecher and decided not to extend my subscription.
The server is down way too often, and incomplete. I refuse to pay for something if it works that badly. There are free solutions that work beter then SS these days.

Sorry guys... It was fun the first few years, but the last year really sucked.
Make that: years... You are not the first that didn't renew TFH, and I assume you wont be the last. Free services are indeed a good alternative, although I would prefer a solid SS.
Confidence is gone however, unfortunately... :(

If the NL crew would offer previous 'early' customers like us a three months trial period in which SS proves it's rock solid, I would subscribe again... Of course, in that case it would be only fair if also the loyal 'present' customers should receive an appropriate compensation.

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