Error: 502/501 or 480/481 error message

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Error: 502/501 or 480/481 error message

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There are different reasons for these error messages from your news service provider. It is not a Newsleecher error.
  • If you get the error that your account is locked, the username/password is invalid, Authentication Required, or "Access Denied to your node", it means there was a problem logging into your Usenet account with your news service provider.

    First verify your username/password and news service account is still valid by logging into your provider's website.

    Next, verify your username, password, and server address (not server nickname) is correct in the NewsLeecher server configuration screen. Open the Manager page, select the server entry, click the Edit button, then enter your username and password in the lower section. Please see the HowTo: Configure a news server entry for details.

    Contact your news provider to verify your account is active and they are not having problems with the servers.
  • If you get an error like "Max Num of Connections Exceeded", try lowering the number of connections to the server. It is best to only use the number of connections that will max your download bandwidth. Personally I use 3 connections of the 20 allowed and can get my full 12Mbit download speeds.

    Sometimes the connections can remain open due to your antivirus and/or firewall software. Try disabling them and see if the problems continue. Just be sure to manually scan any files you have downloaded before opening them.
  • If you get an error like "Max Number of Simultaneous IP Addresses Reached", it means that there are multiple connections to your account from different IP addresses. Are you connecting from another location (work, school, etc) or did you share your account with someone else?

    Log into your news service account on your providers website and change your account password in case someone is using your news account.

    Many ISPs will change your IP address often and the news server will still see the connections from the old IP. You will need to disconnect and wait 15 minutes before you can reconnect. If this is a problem you have often, you will need to ask your ISP about getting a static IP address instead of a dynamic IP.
  • If you get an error like "Insufficient Download Credits/Quota", it means you have used up all your download quota with your news service provider. You will need to purchase more download credit or sign up for an unlimited download package.
Please be aware of and use the following pages...
Services Status Page : SuperSearch and Usenet Access server status, retention, server load, indexing time, etc.
Support Request Form : Use this if you have a problem with billing or account status. The forum is only for NewsLeecher application issues.