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Leech modes explained

Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2005 9:24 am
by Smudge
Leech (CTRL-D): Standard download mode. Downloads to the defined download directory. If you have the option "Put Downloads Into Subfolder" turned on (Options>Download), then each file will be put into a subdirectory based on the group name.

Leech Smart (CTRL-S): NL creates a directory based on the subject line of the file. It has a few bugs where if the subject contains bad Windows characters, too long of a subject, or a space at the end. This will be fixed in a future version.

Leech Specify (CTRL+Y): NL will pop up a window for you to specify the parent directory (usually main downloads directory) and a subdirectory just for these files. This option allows you to save in a directory other than the default download directory. Also it will not use the "Put downloads into groupfolders" option.

Leech Paused (CTRL+P): Same as the standard Leech mode except the files are queued up in paused mode.

Leech Active (CTRL+T): Queues the files to download into the directory currently selected in the File Manager page

Each of the Leech modes has a (First) option (Shift+). this does the same as described except it puts it at the top of the queue instead of at the bottom.