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Why did my download speed suddenly drop?

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 4:44 pm
by techfuzz
A drop in download speed could be caused by any of the following reasons:
  • Other downloads occurring on your computer or shared network such as Peer-2-Peer applications
    • Peer-2-Peer applications are notable for consuming as much inbound and outband bandwidth allowed to them. Disabling/shutdown the application or limit its bandwidth.
  • Your ISP or NSP has placed a cap (limited) your bandwidth
    • You can sometimes get around an ISP imposed cap by changing the port that you connect to your NSP with. However, if the ISP is using Quality-of-Service (aka traffic shaping) technology to limit your bandwidth you will not be able to circumvent the cap at all. Your only recourse it to switch ISP's.
    • ISP Known to Cap/Limit Bandwidth
      • - Uses hardware-based bandwidth traffic shaping technologies to severely limit certain types of Internet traffic including NNTP traffic
  • You've increased/decreased the number of connections to your news server
    • Too few connections to your server may not allow you to consume your total bandwidth. Add additional connections (up to your NSP's maximum allowed) until you can consume all your available bandwidth. Too many connections can actually decrease the amount of bandwidth because of the overhead associated with each connection. Decrease the number of connections down to the minimum needed to consume your available bandwidth.
  • Internet connectivity problems between you and your news server
    • There is little you can do about this under most circumstances. Sometimes changing the port number you connect to your news server thru may make a difference if that port represents a different route to the news provider's servers. Most likely though you will just have to wait for the problems to be fixed.
  • Antivirus and/or firewall software is causing conflict with NL
    • Certain antivirus and firewall solutions have been known to cause problems with Newsleecher. Problems range from corrupted downloads to extremely slow download speeds. Try temporarily disabling the other software to see if the problem goes away. For certain software, such as Panda, completely uninstalling it is the only solution to correct the problem.